Antimicrobial Protection & Disinfection Service

We provide vehicle, residential and workplace disinfection and prevention services to provide a clean, safe environment for you, your family, staff or customers alike.

Antimicrobial Disinfection & Protection

We provide vehicle, residential and workplace disinfection and prevention services to provide a clean, safe environment for you, your family, staff or customers alike.

Disinfection. Prevention. Inspection.

Clean and Disinfect

  • FRESCH ™ kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 on all surfaces.†
  • EPA registered on List N.
  • Organic disinfectant.
  • Safe to immediately return to your space after treatment.
Use FRESCH™ as directed by instructions on the label.

Stay Clean

  • PREVNT™ is an active barrier coating that is designed to provide 90+ days of active barrier cleaning and protection.*
  • Applied to surfaces using a fogger system: no wiping, no residue.
  • Dry in 10 minutes.
Use PREVNT™ as directed by instructions on the label.

Validate the Clean

  • Test the before and after results with our NSPECT™ assessment service.
  • We use Hygiena®’s world-leading Luminometer testing equipment.

Issues with Common Cleaning Methods

There is a constant need to re-apply

Common cleaners kill microorganisms, but as soon as the area is exposed the area needs to be cleaned again. Our services are a preventative measure and do not require reapplication for up to 90-days.

Microorganisms are becoming resistant

The more we use common chemicals, the more microorganisms are becoming resistant. 

Improper use and dwell times

Many chemical treatments aren’t properly applied requiring longer contact with microorganisms to actually work. Our service works quickly and doesn’t depend on constant reapplication.

Where We Can Protect You






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your prevention service?

Many businesses are concerned about constantly having to disinfect. With our prevention service you get a three-step process that disinfects and creates aproven barriers against microorganisms. This three-step process lasts up to 90 days and utilizes botanical based disinfectants and nanoparticles rather than traditional and harmful chemicals.*


The second step in our process uses Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles that convert light energy into free radicals. These free radicals then attack the microorganisms and break them down into harmless Carbon Dioxide and water.


Our disinfection service uses Thymol, one of the few non-toxic EPA approved chemicals to destroy Covid-19 living on surfaces. Thymol is a derivative of Thyme. Thymol is plant-based and has many antimicrobrial properties without the harsh smells of other chemicals or bleach.

*For our PREVNT™ services, spaces must be clean and wiped down. This can be done with simple soap and water application and must be done prior to service.

Service You Can Trust

For more than 30 years you have trusted us with your vehicles, now trust us with your disinfection needs.

“I was happy to use Colors on Parade when I had a scratch and now I am also glad that they are able to sanitize my car. So for up to three months I can travel safely, knowing I won’t have germs or virus in my vehicle. That makes me feel good as a mom.”
Nurse Case Manager
“Thank you so much Colors on Parade for coming out and introducing Purteq to us and making sure our space is safe and sanitary for all of our guests to return to SoCal Beauty.”
Salon Owner
“On behalf of Mbec Health we want to thank Colors on Parade and Purteq for coming out to our call center and making it safe for our employees to come back to work. ”
Call Center Owners
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